Discussion post

For this discussion, you will give an example of a real-world scenario in which someone would need to make use of what you learned in Chapter 10 about acids and bases, or a way in which acid-base chemistry plays an important role.


=>  Shampoos are often marketed as “pH-balanced”.  What does that mean, and why is it important?  Broadly speaking, it means that the manufacturers realize that, for a shampoo to perform effectively, and not harm your hair or scalp, its pH must fall within a targeted range.  More specifically, shampoos contain detergents, and detergents tend to be alkaline.  However, hair is made of protein, and protein can be damaged by solutions that are mildly alkaline.  In addition, the scalp is mildly acidic, which means an alkaline shampoo could alter the pH of the scalp.  Thus, typically, when manufacturers pH-balance their shampoos, they are adjusting them from being mildly alkaline to mildly acidic.

There are many other examples as well, including the importance  to commercially prepared foods (many of these need to have a certain pH range to avoid bacterial growth), or the importance of pH to physiology and health, etc..

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