Discussion Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory

after reading Chapters  13 and 14 answer the following discussion prompts, citing information using APA citation format. Each prompt should use 137 words in response. Be clear and concise.

Prompt 1: What does it mean to say, as Berger and Luckmann do, that reality is socially constructed? Do you agree that reality is a social construction? Explain. What are the roles of externalization, objectivation, and reification in making a socially constructed reality?

Prompt 2:  Apply Bourdieus concepts to this question: Do social classes have cultures? That is, do social classes have their own tastes, preferences, worldviews, and so on? (Consider alcoholic beverages as an example.) What are the implications of this, if any? Also consider whether our era of mass culture and mass media is blurring the boundaries between social class cultures.

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