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This is for my course: Communication and Emerging Technologies. In order for you to better understand what we are talking about in this course so that you can better write this paper, I uploaded a brief course overview for you. Pls kindly check it before writing this paper. Please respond to each of these questions… where possible provide supporting materials… data sources, citations, etc.

Net neutrality is not a new notion but it seems to always be in the news… at the moment various people seem to think it’s important again… is it?  Is there such a thing?

Media industry mega meetings still trot out the latest in VR as “game changers” every year… VR has been “the” hot commodity for a couple of decades.  Are we there yet?  Yes, or no?  Why not?  What’s your take on where this is going?

Folks… there is some scary stuff out there that involves AI.  Many science fiction scripts that focus on future relationships between AI and humanity do not end well for the humans.  So, where is AI currently being used effectively to supplement human skills and where are we going with this?  Will we see official restrictions on AI capabilities and will there be a Luddite reaction?

Privacy….So, as you sit back enjoying the good weather please contemplate and respond to the following notion.  “What if anything can we do to ensure that privacy is still a thing in the future?”  And, “does anyone really care?”

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