Using the sources from your Annotated Bibliography (I attached below), create a source synthesis chart as presented in your textbook
Part 1
Post your synthesis chart with the authors and publication year in the first column and the major themes/points found in multiple studies (the points on which you can synthesize multiple sources and present a clearer picture of the point as a whole). Like the example in your book, select 3-5 points and make sure to include page numbers in your descriptions.

Beneath your synthesis or in a separate post, write a paragraph covering one of the themes/points and synthesizing the relevant sources. For an example, look at one of the body paragraphs in the Student Literature Review in your textbook (I attached below as a sample) . Make sure your paragraph has a topic sentence and that each each subsequent sentence is cited with at least one source. Avoid quotations and use only paraphrasing and summary.

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