Discussion 5-1: Bathrooms and Boyfriends

This discussion includes two topics: marriage and sex/gender. You will compose your initial post based on the scenario assigned to you.

(assigned topic: marriage)

Scenario A: Marriage

Two friends, Taylor and Alex, are enjoying dessert after a show at the local arts theater. Taylor draws your attention to a very cozy couple at a table in the corner. I wonder what show they watched, Taylor says with a smirk. You gasp and report that you know the woman (she is your neighbor), but the man is not her husband. Maybe theyre in an open relationship, Taylor remarks nonchalantly.

Compose your initial post as if you are Taylor. In your initial post, be sure to do the following:

Explain how marriage is an expression of cultural norms and values.

Describe at least two different forms of marriage.

Apply the principles of cultural relativism.

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