Read 8.2 Case Study-Challenging the Courtroom Culture. (Northouse, pp 198-200)

1. For your first post, answer one of the questions pertaining to the Case Study below. 

In all your postings, include references to your readings in the text citing page numbers as it relates to your examples.

QUESTION for Initial Posting:

Think about the questions below and respond ‘FIRST COME FIRST SERVED’ i.e, first to respond selects their preferred question, and so on.  You do not have to go in order.  Select the question that interests you the most. Once a question has been answered, it cannot be answered by another student.  The exception is question 6.  It can potentially be answered 6 times using each of the 6 factors for establishing excellence.

Question: Influencing climate requires the leader to provide structure.  What was Judge Pratt’s concrete goal for the Newark Part Two Court court system?  Give one specific change she made in order to achieve that goal. How did that change help to change the climate of her courtroom?

2. For your second post, be sure to complete the Organizational Climate Questionnaire (Northouse, pp 202-204) before posting. 

Second post: By building cohesion and structure, clarifying norms and promoting excellence, Judge Pratt created an entirely new, constructive climate in her courtroom. Based on the results of the questionnaire, how successful might you be in changing the climate of an organization you led?  Where are your strengths? your weakness? Identify two concrete steps you could take to either improve a weakness or enhance a strength.

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