Discussion 1

Read:  French, Michelle, The Origins of Language: An Investigation of Various Theories. Overviews. TJ 18 (3): 2004.(PDF) The Origins and the Evolution of Language. Available from: 

Reflect: We begin this post by considering some possible explanations regarding the origins of language. Michelle French’s short essay focuses critically on six of these theories regarding the origin of language. She settles on one, perhaps less critically. We use this essay here to identify each theory and–by way of our own analysis and reflection–elaborate on three.

Write: A list of the six theories French discusses. Then, select three.  describe each theory in detail and offer your analysis. In your discussion, use examples to express your understanding and position in relation to the theories you select.  It is a requirement that each of your initial forum posts begin with a clear and concise thesis statement.  Be sure, then, to begin your post here with the following type of phrase, “In this response I discuss and evaluate three linguistic theories regarding the possible origins of human language as described in an essay by Michelle French.” Or something similar; in your own words. You may elect to use this exact thesis statement. As part of the requirements, remember to offer support for your statements with relevant, well-cited quotes from the reading. If you need reference

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