discharge plan

Identify members of the Multidisciplinary team (at least 4) (in this scenario) and discuss their involvement in the discharge plan of the patient. Please choose the best 4 healthcare members for Charity’s Williams case.

You are an RN working the 7a-7p shift on a Renal/GI Pediatric Unit in a community hospital.  The Renal/GI Pediatric Unit has 22 beds.  The day staff consists of a Nurse Manager, 6 RNs, 4 PCTs (Patient Care Technicians), a Child Life Specialist, and a Unit Clerk.  Patient rounds with the pediatricians, nurse practitioners, physician specialists, and charge nurse occur daily at 0800.  After rounds, the charge nurse and nurse practitioner meet with the Nutritionist, PT and OT, Child Life, Certified Teacher, Nurse Case Manager and Social Work to discuss each patient’s daily plan of care.  A satellite Pharmacist is assigned to the pediatric unit.

Charity Williams     Age:  9 yo
    Weight:  110 lbs
    Admitting Dx:  Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), R/O aspiration
    PMH:  pneumonia 2x within last year, Cerebral Palsy, developmental delay
    CXR:  hazy infiltrate RML
    Current medications:  Nexium 10mg PO once a day
    Diet:  bland thickened liquid feedings in upright position
    02 Sats 96% on 2 L 02 via NC
    Hgb 11.4, Hct 36.4
    No emesis last night
    Abd soft BM x2 yesterday
    IV Saline lock
    OOB to wheelchair as tolerated
        Mother primary caregiver and is overwhelmed with Charitys care.
        Consults:  Surgery to evaluate for Nissen Fundoplication and GT insertion                    
            Dietary to evaluate caloric needs and feeding frequency

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