Digital Writing

What i would like you to do
Assignment B, C and D.

(stated in course manual)
Internet writing is not like academic writing. One of the first differences youre likely to notice is that the rules of APA Style do not generally apply. With the exception of published reports and online encyclopaedia articles, not many internet texts use intext referencing (APA or otherwise), but if you think that means you dont have to be careful about using information from sources: think again.

The lack of in-text referencing makes it even more important to properly indicate anything that you use from sources. Anytime you want to borrow someone elses ideas or words, you need to provide attribution, which you should already know how to do.
When you learned APA Referencing, you learned that it consists of three steps:
1. Using a signal phrase, like according to, as stated by, etc.
2. Clearly quoting (with quotation marks) the exact words of your source or
paraphrasing them in your own words.
3. Writing an in-text citation that mentions the author, date and page.
You dont have to do the last step in this course you dont see APA citations on a lot of websites but that makes it vital that you do a good job with the first two steps, and that you use a few other tools.
Wherever possible, you should credit your sources with signal phrasing or attribution and quotation marks or block quotes (longer quotes set apart from the rest of the text in a single block) and you must use hyperlinks that go directly to your sources.

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