Diet & Exercise Weight Loss Paper

Weight-Loss Paper: Select one popular weight loss diet of your choice to discuss. Using evidence based, reliable sources (use Galileo/research database resources to help you) research this style of diet. Write a 2 page detailing this diet, the current evidence behind this diet and potential health benefits or negative effects. Make sure you cover the following points:

the main principles of the diet (i.e. are certain food groups eliminated, foods included/emphasized, regimen etc.)
what are the proposed benefits of this diet?
have there been studies examining the health benefits and/or efficacy of this diet? discuss the study design and findings.
were there limitations to the study(s) you examined?
would you recommend this diet to someone trying to lose weight? why or why not?
Make sure you cite the sources of your information both in-text and with an attached references list. Use at least 3 references for your paper, one can be your book. Paper will be submitted through TurnItIn.

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