Dialogue paper between three rhetorical theorists

The paper is a 7-10 page, typed paper that will consist of a dialogue between three rhetorical theorists. The paper should be printed in Times New Roman, 12 point font with one inch margins. Heres the scenario: One ancient theorist (from the Sophists, the Greeks or the Romans) wakes from a long nap to see a flat screen TV with an episode of The Daily Show playing. In the next room are two other rhetorical theorists, one contemporary theorist (from the chapters Contemporary I, II and III), and one of your choosing. The three theorists discuss whether The Daily Show constitutes rhetoric. To do this, each theorist must discuss their definition of rhetoric and at least part of their theories (i.e. for Aristotle, you wouldnt have to discuss the types of speeches, the forms of proof etc. You might just focus on his idea of dialectic). During the course of the dialogue, you (and they) will cite three outside sources (only one from the internet, meaning a webpage, sources that are from magazines, newspapers, journal articles are fine). The sources that you cite will NOT come from the text book, a dictionary, or any wikis. In other words, these should be field specific sources (i.e. journal articles or books relating to the theories espoused by these theorists). If you do cite these, you should include them but they do not count as one of your three sources. The Daily Show is available online for those who have not watched this program. This is the web address: http://www.comedycentral.com/shows/the_daily_show//index.jhtml.

You will cite in the text any sources according to the APA style. You can go to Purdue Owl if youre unsure of APA style. Make sure the paper is proofread and pages are numbered. A partial example of a dialogue is available on Canvas. You should follow the formatting on the example. This means that you should have two columns on the landscaped format. Failure to follow any of these requirements will result in a minimum one full letter grade deduction for the assignment.

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