Developmental Psychology

Imagine that you just received an invitation to attend a birthday party for your best friends 1-year-old child. You cannot go to the party without a gift, right? Of course not, and since you are taking this Developmental Psychology course, you feel the need to purchase something useful rather than a cute new outfit. Chapter 5 provided an overview of sensory and perceptual developmental characteristics of infants that are frequently incorporated into the design of infant toys. For this assignment, I would like you to evaluate a toy marketed to infants or young children.

Answer the following questions:

Find some time to visit an online toy store or large general store (Amazon, Wal-Mart, or Target; or you can visit in-person in a socially distant way). By the end of your exploration, you should have one toy that will be the focus of this assignment.
Briefly describe the toy and explain how the manufacturer markets the use of the toy for infants. What do you think would immediately attract a person to select this toy? Address if the manufacturer highlights any developmental topics. Consider the packaging and images on the product/packaging. What sticks out to you that is particularly interesting? Pictures can be included
Address how the toy is designed to stimulate the each of the senses discussed in the course material. Apply course terminology and research evidence to your explanation of how the toy stimulates the given senses. Consider for each of these senses the preferences that infants/young children have. Be creative with your considerations of how the infant/young child would use the toy.
What improvements for this toy would enhance sensory and perceptual development? Things can always be improved so I would not change anything is not an appropriate answer to this question. Use your knowledge of sensory and perceptual development to support your answer.
Provide a case for how the toy supports the concept of perceptual-motor coupling and the dynamic systems view. Use course material to support your application of how the toy could impact the interplay between motor/action and perception. Based on this information, explain your recommendation for purchasing the toy or not?

Friendly Reminders:

When answering the questions, use complete sentences. Please number your responses based on the questions above.
Your paper should be approximately 2-3 pages, double spaced. Please use a title page (this does not account within the 2-3 page suggestion).
Use complete sentences. Always use spelling and grammar check.
Citing original authors is required when you are using someone elses idea (Example: Santrock et al., 2020). Paraphrase in your own words when using other authors ideas. Do not use quotes.

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