Describe the general topic you have selected

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Research the topic using a minimum of 5 references, some  of
which must have been published within the last year. Third, write a
maximum of 6-7 pages double-spaced paper in which you do the following
* describe the general topic you have selected
* explain why this is an interesting and important area of biology, and
its potential impact on medicine, agriculture, economics, criminal
justice, or society.
Suggested sites (use their respective Search functions):

abortion, reproductive health and related topics
Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. (brain and nervous system diseases)
anabolic steroids and body building
antibodies and antigens
autoimmune diseases
biological clocks
biological warfare
birth control methods
blood transfusion
blood-related disorders and diseases
brain disorders and injuries
brain function and memory
cancer (many types) and chemotherapy
diabetes mellitus
diets, dieting and weight loss
digestive system disorders (many types)
diseases (specific ones), emerging diseases
DNA and human / animal cloning
DNA fingerprinting, also in forensics
eastern medicine, acupuncture, reflexology, etc.
eating disorders
evolution, plate tectonics, transitional life forms, etc.
genetic disorders (many types)
global warming / climate change and its many effects on biological life on earth
heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, and surgeries/ medication / treatments
heredity and specific traits, chromosome-linked diseases
hormone replacement therapy
hormones and hormonal control
human evolution
immune system, immunity and vaccination
infertility and treatments
obesity, weight loss, other related disorders/ diseases
recreational drugs
reproductive system – disorders
SARS, bird flu
smoking and health
Sports injuries
STDs (sexually-transmitted diseases) – many types
stem cells
stimulants and hallucinogenic drugs
the “fight or flight” response

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