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A. Abstract: An abstract is a brief, comprehensive summary in your own words of the contents of the article; it allows readers to survey the contents of an article quickly. A good abstract is accurate, self-contained, concise, non-evaluative, coherent, and readable. (15% of assignment grade).

B. Introduction: This section will state why the topic you are writing about is an important one. Define key terms. This part of your paper should only be a couple of paragraphs long, a page at most. (5%)

C. Main Body: This is where you state what you found in the literature. Discuss the methods and results of the studies about which you read. The paper should also demonstrate evidence of critical thinking. This can be done in the form of analysis, comparisons between references, evaluation or discussions of problems in the research. (General content = 30%; Critical thinking = 20%)

D. Summary/Conclusion: (5%)

E. References: List the sources you used in the paper, alphabetically by author, using the APA style of references. There should be at least three sources included PLUS you’re text book. Any source listed here must have been mentioned in the paper itself and all sources mentioned in the paper must be listed here. For more information, consult the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (4th Edition) which is in all LRCs. (References = 20%, APA style = 5%)

**I will be attaching the first reference which is taken from Hockenbury, D, & Hockenbury, S. 5th Edition. The other 2 references can come from books from the internet or library.**


Class #: 67100 Spring Mini Term



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