Definitions and Theories of Happiness.

Unit 1:  Definitions and Theories of Happiness.

For this unit we are watching three of the most famous movies to deal with the pursuit of happiness.  One of them was the basis for the creation of this course.  They are films that people watch again and again and never tire of.  While they were filmed in different decades, they continue to have relevance for us today in 2021.  They tell us a great deal about happiness.  “Groundhog Day” alone deals with almost a wide range of paths to happiness.  “The Pursuit of Happyness” deals with the monumental issue of finding happiness within unhappiness.  And “It’s a Wonderful Life,” has become of one the big “Christmas movies” shown every year during the holidays.  Even though it was made in 1946, its message remains important to this day.

This unit also contains some of our most important happiness theories. For this first Developed Response, which is another phrase for Essay, I want you to choose one theorist that especially fits each one of the three films for this unit and discuss how that theory works especially well for the main character.  Each film should have a separate theorist.  And then, I would like to choose one theory that fits all three films and discuss how and why.  So for this first essay, you will be discussing four theorists and three films. 

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