Death and Dying

1) Select a scene in the play Wit. You can select any scene you would like.
2) Select one of the five theories:
1.    Piagets Cognitive Theory
2.    Maslows Theory of Hierarchy
3.    Operant Conditioning Theory
4.    Banduras Social Learning Theory
5.    Bronfenbrenner/Bioecological Theory
3) Create the assignment using this layout form.
    Identify the scene you have selected and offer a very brief summary of the scene.

    Identify the theory you have selected and offer a brief overview of the theory – explaining any key concepts you will use in the next section.
    Use the theory to explain the interaction in the scene you selected. (This is the section which requires you to apply what you have learned.)
4) Remember, you are writing for someone with no knowledge of the play or of the theory.

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