Data is one of the most (if not the most) important assets the organization owns.

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Data is one of the most (if not the most) important assets the organization owns. After this week’s reading you should have an appreciation for this. Information about its employees and customers are two entities for which many valuable attributes are stored.

Far too often we read or hear in the news that this data has been lost or stolen, either by breach, theft of a laptop, or by an employee taking the data.

Had you ever considered these things before this week? Do you think that all of the employees in your organization appreciate this fact? Does your organization have a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)?

Has your organization taken any steps to protect its data? For example, does your organization do any security awareness training? Why do you think your organization is the way it is? If you were in charge of the organization, what would you do differently from what your organization does today?

Have you ever considered or wondered about how much your organization spends on IT? Do you know what % of your organization’s revenue is spent on IT? One source quotes the statistic by industry: 

What do you think of these percentages? Do you think your company is in line with these industry numbers (see what you can find out)? If you found that your organization was spending more than its industry norm, what conclusion(s) might you reach? What might that tell you about the company? 

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