As organizations become more technical in communication, file sharing, and business development, cybersecurity is a major concern for financial security and safety of confidential information. It is imperative, as a business student, that you are abreast of the advantages and issues that organizations face when addressing cybersecurity issues.

Write a report discussing the impact of these technologies on modern management and individual behavior and decision-making.
Identify cybersecurity and how it impacts identity protection and/or ransomware
Specify how cybersecurity affects modern management and leadership strategies
Identify advantages and disadvantages of cybersecurity systems and methods that companies
are using to address it
Identify major risks organizational leadership must confront when addressing cybersecurity
Link this discussion to content from the course
Provide a real-world example of cybersecurity success or failure and how you would address this
issue, based on your knowledge and research
Utilize at least (5) scholarly references (not online articles) valid online articles can be used in
addition to the five references provided
APA format
Cover page and references must be included.
Name and page numbers must be on each page, as specified in APA format.

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