Cyberbullying and mental health in adolescents

1. Provide the research question that your research paper will be attempting to explore. In other words, create a question that you could answer through research. Explain why you are interested in researching this topic; why is it important?.

2. List five (5) sources in APA format (this should also include the link you retrieved them from) and briefly (in a couple of sentences) explain how each article connects to your research question (this does not have to be too detailed).

-For the selection of your five (5) articles, use PsycINFO or PsycARICLES. Your articles MUST be:
Peer Reviewed (a. limit your search to “peer-reviewed” and b. check to see that the journal itself is peer reviewed by looking at their website-it will always be noted)
The articles MUST be of standard length (do not use a brief report or an abstract)
The articles MUST contain a research study that was conducted (e.g. have Methods and Results sections)

3. Provide a summary of each article used as your source.

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