Current News Discussion

Current News Discussion

Grade Points 35 (initial post = 25 pts; comments X2 = 10 pts)
The purpose of this assignment is to have you read, listen, and learn about headline issues/ news that impact or affect health care.  As a future health care professional and a consumer, it is important to keep current on what is taking place in society and to understand  issues that ultimately affect individuals and consumers, especially when those issues impact health care.

A news articles contains facts, e.g., 10 million people will lose health insurance if the courts rule the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional.

Note: Editorials and Opinion Pages are not news stories.  Podcasts are not news stories.  The COVID-19 crisis is impacting politics as well as the health and economy of our world.  Please avoid blame pointing articles, as these do not help to move forward a health agenda.  A presidential campaign is also insight,  so there might be information regarding the potential candidates and his or her view on health care. Keep in mind, this is not news, but rather their opinion (and political platform). The candidate may say they will do this or that but unless they are elected, we do not know if their ideas will come to fruition. Do not plan on using this type story for your news posting.

1.    Review the Grading Rubric to become familiar with what it takes to write an Exemplary discussion paper.
2.    Identify and read a current news or magazine article from the popular press. The news article should be from the weeks May 1 to May 31 and focus on the topics in      Chapters 12 and 4. Look for news pertaining to health care Cost, Access and Quality or Health Care Providers and Professionals.
    Appropriate news sources include any newspaper, scientific magazine, or news Internet site. For example:
1.    USA Today
2.    CNN News
3.    Fox News
4.    ABC/NBC/CBS News
5.    The Washington Post
6.    New York Times
7.    Wall Street Journal
8.    BBC (British Broadcasting Company)
9.    NPR (National Public Radio)
10.    Time magazine
11.    S. News & World Report
12.    Scientific America
    Sources that are NOT appropriate for this assignment include, but are not limited to:
1.    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
2.    World Health Organization (WHO)
3.    Mayo Clinic
4.    Yahoo
5.    People magazine
6.    Google News
7.    Other government organizations that provide facts and statistics
8.    Podcasts
3.    INCLUDE A TITLE PAGE FORMATTED IN APA FORMAT  Identify the source of the news article, the author, date, and the title of the news article and provide the URL to the article. The title, author, etc. must be formatted in APA formatting. See APA formatting guidance at : (Links to an external site.)
You can also seek APA formatting assistance from the Librarian, Rachel Hinrichs.

4.    SUMMARY- Answer ALL questions below  Post to the discussion board a written summary of the article, along with your perception of the information. (In other words, what do you think about the information presented in this article?) For the summary, you need to present the five Ws (who, what, where, when, why) and the H (how) of the news article so that everyone reading your summation fully understands the article.
o    Examples:
1.    Who is the article about?
2.    What is the health topic of the article?
3.    Where did the news take place?
4.    When did the health news issue take place?
5.    Why is this news?
6.    How is the health care system impacted by the topic in the article?
    This article summary should take a paragraph or two to cover the 5 Ws and H. Your discussion need only be as long as necessary to discuss your reaction and view of the information. (We are not looking for lengthy submissions.) A paragraph is two to three sentences in length.
5.    After your summary, answer the following questions:
    How does the article pertain to information presented in the chapter?
o    Ideally, your post should integrate your thoughts about the weeks readings and the current event.
    Do you feel the content of the article is correct? Valid?
    Was there evidence of bias in the article?

6.    PEER RESPONSE- respond to TWO peers by Sunday May 29.  After posting your article summary and answer the questions, read and comment on two (2) of your classmates posts. Comments should be responsive to your fellow students posting and demonstrate that you read, understand, and can meaningfully apply and extrapolate from the information You are encouraged to introduce relevant readings that were not assigned and to share relevant knowledge and experience.
    Comments or replies to other postings (e.g., “I really liked what you said” or “I agree with what Jane wrote”) are insufficient and will not earn points. The initial post is worth 20 points, with each response worth 5 points each, for a total of 30 points.
    Remember:  if you post at 11:58 on May 30, no one can respond to your article.  Please post your article prior to deadline (I would prefer by Thursday evening May 26, to allow peer responses
As always, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure are important and must be correct; we encourage you to write your summary in Word, proof it, then copy and paste it in the submission box.

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