Culture and Cognition

1. Investigate the influence of culture on how we perceive phenomena presented to us.
2. Investigate the influence of culture of how we interpret phenomena around us.
3. Investigate the influence of culture of how we represent phenomena to others and

Resources, let me know if needed uploaded. Video included if needed to view at end

Read the following articles.

Alexander, P. A., & Dochy, F. C. (1995). Conceptions of knowledge and beliefs: A
comparison across varying cultural and educational communities. American
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dynamic constructivist approach to culture and cognition. American
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Karabenick, S. s., & Moosa, S. (2005). Culture and personal epistemology: U.S. and
Middle Eastern students beliefs about scientific knowledge and knowing. Social
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View the Video:
Education: Culture Matters. (2011, February 1) Retrieved from

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