Culturally Relevant Pedagogy/Gloria Ladson Billings

Write a 1-2 page response outlining an author and/or theory (culturally relevant pedagogy) that prompted your instructionl decision making.
Draw upon educational philosophy and specific theories of development, learning, group work, and motivation, as well as conceptions and research-based practices of the discipline you are teaching. Formal citations are not required.

Do not merely cite a textbook author, name-drop, or describe a concept without making an explicit and well-developed connection between the theory/research and your plans for instruction and knowledge of your students. Be sure your justification centers on instructional and support choices that move the learner toward meeting the objectives in your lesson plans.

Justify how your understanding of yoru students prior academic learning personal/cultural/community assets guided your choice or adaption of learning tasks and materials. Be explicit about the connections between the learning tasks and students prior academic learning, assets, and research/theory.

You can use the following (or similar) starters to guide your response.

Phrase: [ ] says .. this influenced how I ..

Phrase: Research by [___] suggests .., with this in ..

Phrase: This decision was informed by .

Phrase: Research says .

Use the Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: Writing Rubric to guide your responses. Self-assess your work prior to submitting.

I am using a reflective essay called “Little Things are Big” by Jesus Colon.  We completed group discussions and summaries. 

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