Cultural Sustainability, Tourism and Development

My MA is in the field of International Development from SOAS

There is an intersection in the field of international development with sociology, economics and international relations.

My advisor was saying that that total number of the thesis is 15000 divided into 5 chapter

1- Introduction
2- Literature Review
3- Something in-depth (Body)
4- Something in-depth (body)
5- Conclusion

Bibliography for SOAS I believe is APA.

I have attached a folder of sample dissertations that they provided for us.

My dissertation will be published in a publication so I’d appreciate very high quality work.

Thematically the topics is on the nexus of cultural sustainability, tourism, and development (or well being)
Geographically I was thinking of adding
1- the Faroe Islands experience – especially the preservolution strategy, Al’Ulah in Saudi Arabia, Al Souda, Saudi Arabia, any other examples too
2- Nordic countries from these books:
Cultural Sustainability and Nature-Culture Interface
Artistic Approaches to Cultural Mapping
Activating Imaginaries and Means of Knowing
Cultural Sustainability, Tourism and Development

3- we can change the title, I’m flexible and make it more catchy for an excellent dissertation and publication

I think the first 4000 will be part preface and part introduction? I’ll leave that to you to structure it as you like. You could start with literature review since intro may not require much writing.

Kindly stick with British style since it’s SOAS.

Many thanks

Nancy Duxbury, post-globalization, reverse modernity, preservolution, eco-tourism ..

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