Cultural Differences and Leadership

Leadership Videos

1. Cultural intelligence — a new way to think about global effectiveness 2014 Jeff Thomas at TEDxSpokane. TEDx Talks (5:05)
2. Cultural Diversity: How Cops Can Get to Know their Communities 2015 PoliceOneVideo (8:03)
3. Diversity Makes a Difference 2016 Durham Regional Police Service (5:28)
The importance of mindset in policing 2015 Chip Huth at TEDxTacoma. TEDxTalks (10:30)
4. Police Chief Emphasizes Growing Role of Higher Education in Law Enforcement 2015 Brandman University (1:57)

How can an understanding of cultural differences benefit a leader? Should training on cultural issues be a mandatory part of leadership training? Why or Why not? 

Videos can be found in You Tube

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