1) I need you to give an overview of Cryptocurrency (at least 150 words). In your answer you need to include the origins, how value is derived and an assessment of the Blockchain technology.

2) I need you to give an overview of corporate Ransomware (at least 100 words). In your answer you need to discuss a recent example (not Colonial Pipeline) and explain the inner workings of Ransomware (i.e., what exactly is Ransomware and what are the ramifications for both parties involved).

3) Do you agree with the author of the WSJ opinion piece (at least 100 words)? Your answer needs to include compelling reasons as to why you feel this way. The best responses will surmise arguments for both sides (pro and con).

I have attached the article that is needed to answer the above requirements. I do need 350 words instead of 275, I can add additional payment if needed

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