Critique of Mysticism Paper

During the later Middle Ages as questionable philosophies and beliefs continued to develop, many were embraced and perpetuated by women.  One such religious experience was mysticism.

Write a 3-4 page paper covering the following points related to this topic:
In the first half of your paper, give a comprehensive and supported definition of mysticism,
state what possibly led to its development, briefly describe some of the teachings that women mystics shared from their visions, especially concerning Jesus and salvation 

Then for the second half of your paper, evaluate those mystical teachings.
What were some of the aspects of the mystics visions that were contrary to biblical doctrine?  What Scriptural support can you give?
What dangers do you see for people who embrace subjective experiences such as these?
In the light of 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, how sure can we be that God is really the source of visions that people receive?
What is your overall conclusion of mysticism in the light of Gods Word?
What dangers do you see for people who embrace subjective experiences such as this?
Given the difficulties of trusting in visions, what are some positive elements that can be gleaned from mystic ideas?
How can this kind of critical study benefit you as you come into contact with many different religious and spiritual beliefs in this post-Christian world?

Support your work with scholarly academic resources using APA formatting.

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