Critically analysis the impact of online fashion retailers’ post-purchase services on the companies

1.    Background/ scope of the project ( 4 pages long)

2.    traditional fashion industry ( how they use to complete companies in the market
3.    How internet has influence/changed business ( for general)
4.    How internet has changed fashion industry/business in particular
5.    E- commerce => post-purchasing =>customer satisfaction =>research question=> Aim => Objectives => Chapters

Research Methodology ( 3000 – 4000 words)
1.    Qualitative research, interpretivism
2.    Inductive/deductive approach
3.    Mixed Methods research approach
4.    Research methods
5.    Triangulation and Validation
6.    Taking into consideration what you mentioned above => explaining how you are going to do your research / what’s your approach or strategy

Literature Review (10000 WORDS)
1.    Post-purchasing service ( 4000 WORDS)
2.    Customer satisfaction and loyalty ( 4000 words)
3.    Competitive advantage ( 2000 words)

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