critical thinking

Answer the following reflective, critical thinking questions in a two-to five-page paper, using specific examples from your professional experience, citing additional references provided from this course and ones you’ve found through an independent search. a. Using the diagram on page one of The Differentiated Instruction Scrapbook (2010), what are the benefits to the six-column framework for differentiated instruction? How can you use this framework in preparation for differentiated instruction? How might a leader use it to support change or improve instruction? b. Differentiated Instructional Strategies in Practice (as cited in Instructional Strategies, 2013), explains various instructional strategies including a concept formation exercise to use with teachers that includes: presenting examples while noting attributes; define concept being learned; more examples are provided for critique with new concept; practice to apply understanding of concept; and evaluated through application. What is the purpose of each step? Will each step provide a pre-assessment of the teachers, or merely provide the instructor with baseline data? c. What are the primary factors to consider when determining classroom climate based on your reading of Chapter 5 in The Change Leader in Education: Roles and Strategies in the Differentiated Environment? How do teachers use these factors in differentiated instruction? How can you use these factors to differentiate instruction when providing professional development to teachers?

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