Critical Analysis and Synthesis of an Ethical Problem

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The final paper is a synthesis paper (12-15 pages) on a critical ethical issue in your profession. Just any critical issue is not appropriate for this assignment. There are many important issues in any profession, but they are not all ETHICAL issues. Whatever the topic is, you must provide an argument for why it is an ethical issue. For example, if you are an educator and you select “high-stakes testing” you must situate this issue in an ethical context. In other words, what about this topic makes it an ethical issue?
Your critical response must contain the following elements:
• An overview of the issue you have selected that specifically describes the ethical context of this issue.
• A balanced presentation of the various sides of this issue (keeping in mind the insights from the Tannen interview) with support from the scholarly or research articles you have chosen.
• A statement of your position on this topic that reflects the following:
• Respect for the rights of others with regard to confidentiality and dignity and engages in honest interactions
• The ability to combine impartiality, sensitivity to diversity, and ethical considerations with others
• Analysis based upon ethical and legal principles

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