Criminological Research

In this assignment, you will be reviewing the use of DNA by justice officials. Using the assigned reading, the DeVry University Library, and other academic resources, please respond to the following.

Discuss the federal DNA Identification Act of 1994.
Is DNA evidence alone enough to acquit or convict an individual? Why or why not?
How often is DNA evidence used in criminal cases?
Do you think citizens have a privacy interest in biological materials such as DNA? For example, some argue that collection of DNA without a warrant amounts to an unreasonable search under the fourth amendment. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Support your position with research.
If you support the collection of DNA from individuals, are there certain groups you would target first, for example, convicted felons, all who are arrested, victims, and so forth? 
With further advances in DNA technology, do you think we could effectively solve much crime by requiring submission to a DNA bank at birth? Why or why not? What facts led to your conclusion?
What effects do you think the use of DNA evidence will have on the justice system in the future? Include at least one article in support of your conclusions from the DeVry University Online Library.
Your response should be at least a 1,100 1,200 word paper in length (not including the cover sheet and references page). List your sources at the end of the paper. You should include a minimum of two academic resources to complete your paper.

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