Creating a Case study

Interview a friend, a member of your household, or a colleague at work who experienced a stressful event and would not mind sharing it with you. You can use a pseudonym to preserve the identity of the person.  Report on the following in 800 words.

      What made the situation or event stressful for the interviewee?

      What did the interviewee do about the stressful event?

      How did the stressful event psychologically affect the interviewee?

      What type of readjustment, if any, did the interviewee make following the stressful event?

      What were the risk factors that may have contributed to the event or situation?

The following should be a referenced discussion and incorporate Bronfenbrenners ecological systems model into your response. Based on your selected readings and understanding of social support write a report in 800 words in which you -:

      Define and explain the purpose of social support.

      Outline 4 advantages of social support with supporting evidence.

      Briefly discuss three forms of social support that you can, as a community psychologist, recommend to the interviewee. Each form of social support must be from a different part of the ecological systems model.

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