Create an Abstract with detailed info in instructions

Create an article abstract for the attached resource: It should be around two pages double spaced when completed.
Include the following in the abstract:
    Read the article carefully.
    Your work should include description and discussion of the key components of the research design and methods employed.
    At a minimum, explain the approaches taken in framing the research problem, in selecting a sampling approach, in data collection, in definition of the measures, in research hypotheses, and in the analytic approach and conclusions drawn. 
    Comment on the strength and weaknesses of each of these components and consider other approaches, if any, that may have been taken to improve the particular study. 
    Can the authors conclusions be supported from their findings?

Write the above in paragraphs but include the categories of:
Who:  subjects; data collection; brief outline of the methodology
What:  Research questions/hypotheses; discussion of the variables/concepts
Results:  What were the findings?
Comment/Critique:  Your analysis of the research; limitations offered by the authors and/or your criticism of the work. 

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