This assignment must relate to children and family and preferably within New York City. Also, in relations to school and covid-19.

Final Assignment
COVID-19 has had and continues to have a devastating effect on all world populations.  Here in the United States, it has caused harm and hurt to many US residents.  This course has focused on vulnerable children and families.  As our politicians, health care professionals (including social workers) and policy makers are thinking of ways to contain this virus as well as to protect its peoples, not enough has been said or written about our most vulnerable. 

Using the well-being analytical framework covered in class and drawing upon information obtained from your research and current events, conduct a full-scale analysis of how COVID-19 is impacting the poor.  Then, with the support of a $3 million grant from the Brooks Consultation Group, develop a policy, program or service adopted to address the issue.  The policy/program selected must be geared towards improving the lives of the children and families within the community.

Presentation may be organized to include:

Brief summary of major findings from your research; summary overview of the policy/program identified for analysis that includes statement of goals and objectives, target population, method of financing.

Analytical Framework:
Description of the well-being framework being used to conduct the analysis, include key concepts from the framework and the authors approach to policy analysis, and reason for selecting the model for conducting the analysis.

The analysis may be conducted using one framework exclusively, or take an eclectic approach applying concepts from several analytical frameworks.  You must use data including a cost-benefit analysis to support your program or policy.

Alternative Solutions:
Conclusion and Recommendations
Develop a solution that is of greater intensity to the issue that would positively affect the family and children residing in the community.  How would you use these funds to develop and implement a program, policy or initiative?

Length: 12

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