Correctional Psychology

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Assignment:  answer the questions after reading the case study in your own words

Use the information in the following case study to answer the following questions:

Question One: What specific information would be included in the biological section?

Question Two: What specific information would be included in the psychological section?

Question Three: What specific information would be included in the social section?

Question Four: What are some of the potential barriers to re-entry and rehabilitation?

Question Five: Can you point out any of Smiths character strengths that he may be able to build on?

John Smith, age 30, has a prior criminal history involving possession of drugs, unlawful possession of a weapon (handgun), and robbery. He has previously served time in state prison. He was recently sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for gun charges and already began serving his sentence.

Smith was born in the Washington Heights section of New York. His father passed away when he was only an infant from complications related to HIV. Mr. Smith did report that his father had an extensive criminal record and abused drugs, mainly heroin. He was taken away from his mother and placed in foster care at age 9. His mother had a drinking problem and later passed away when Smith was 14 years old due to liver damage. Smith has two siblings, one who lives in Florida and the other who lives in New Jersey, although he does not maintain contact with either. He lived in a shelter for most of his adolescent years. Smith has never been married. He has four children from two previous relationships, including a newborn baby boy. Smith reported that he has and always will be there for his children, as he wants them to have the best life possible.

Smith dropped out of school in the 9th grade. He did obtain a GED while in custody on a previous conviction. He has employment experience working in the field of construction and doing maintenance work.

When asked to describe his childhood, he stated that he did not always have the basic necessities. He reported physical and emotional abuse while staying at the shelters. He explained how he is the nicest person anyone can ever meet but he had to act up when it was not safe. Smith stated that he completed a mental health assessment at a treatment facility as a condition of probation for one of his previous convictions. The treatment team diagnosed him with schizophrenia. He stated that he was about 22 years old when he began seeing and hearing things that other people did not see or hear. He was prescribed Haldol, an anti-psychotic medication, but refuses to take it on an ongoing basis because of the side effects.

Smith suffers from asthma and diabetes. He reported that his diabetes is out of control because he has not been able to see the physician while in custody to get the proper medication. He has an abdominal scar from being stabbed when he was 15 years old when he was involved in a fight. He also has a gunshot wound on his left leg from being shot by mistake by a person who was shooting at someone else. Smith identified with the Bloods street gang and has numerous gang-related tattoos. 

Smith first consumed alcohol at age 9 and first became intoxicated at age 14. His drug of choice is marijuana. He first smoked marijuana at age 9, reporting that he smoked marijuana approximately three times a day throughout his entire adult life. He reported that he tried powder cocaine a few times but prefers crack cocaine. He first used crack cocaine age 16, reporting that he would use on and off up until the date of his arrest. Other than being court ordered to attend Narcotics Anonymous, he has never attended drug treatment. When asked, he stated that he feels treatment would be helpful.

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