Correctional Education Programs are not an effective form of prisoner rehabilitation

You will be required to write one “Term Paper” in the form of a Reaction Paper this semester. Reaction Papers are very similar to an argument Paper, but in addition to arguing for one position or another, you must “respond” to a statement on a particular issue and then argue that position effectively and supported by evidence while also acknowledging and discussing the opposing viewpoint. Please see the corresponding Grading Rubric and document including “how to” tips, along with a sample reaction paper for additional suggestions on how to write a strong paper. These are located for you on Canvas in the “Modules” section of the course site.

You may choose one of the following issues to respond to in your paper:

1. Correctional Education Programs are not an effective form of prisoner rehabilitation.

2. We should discontinue funding Sex Offender Treatment Programs.

3. The Privatization of Prisons is a good move for the American Correctional System.

4. The use of Inmate Re-Entry programs are an effective means of reducing recidivism.

5. As taxpaying citizens, we should not really concern ourselves with the issue of the Aging Prison Population.
• This paper should be a minimum of 5 pages and a maximum of 7 pages in length.
• You should also include a title page and reference page; these are not to be counted in the length requirement.
• The paper should be typed, double-spaced, and contain 1-inch margins on all sides. Use double spacing.
• You should use a minimum of two scholarly sources to support your reactions. You may utilize more, of course. You may also use your textbook; however, this does not count toward your minimum number of scholarly sources.

o If you have questions about what constitutes a “scholarly” source, please contact me in advance so that you do not lose points for inappropriate or unacceptable sources.
• Papers should be typed in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) format only.

Tips on What NOT to do:
• Do not wait too long to start writing. Remember that reading and understanding information about the issue is only the first steps toward putting the paper together.
• Do not write an autobiographical essay. Reaction/response papers are not about how you feel—even how you feel about the issue. They are not simply a venue for you to say whether you like or dislike the issue or topic at hand.
• Do not just summarize the issue. You are supposed to be reacting or responding to them, not simply regurgitating what the issue is about. If there is no analysis involved, then you have not responded; only regurgitated.
• If there are things about the issue you have chosen that you don’t understand, do not try to gloss over them. Try to find out more about what the issue involves. Google the issue; quickly skim other sources. Ask questions of your instructor. If you still cannot make sense of an argument or debate surrounding an issue, then it may be the case that the argument does not in fact make sense. If that’s indeed the case, point it out in your paper.

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