Conversation Analysis

A conversation between the sword and the neck – Ghassan Kanafani:

Above is the conversation that I am analyzing, my motivation is that with whats happening in Palestine at these times and the media coverage a lot of things do not get covered by media or get lost in translation (from Arabic to English). This very famous conversation is in English and allows us to view things directly just like the people of Palestine do. my main purpose is to analyze Ghassan’s  usage of  verbal and non-verbal communication during his interview, and then look for the reasons behind that.

Here is the rubric:

Specify the topic you would like to investigate and tell us why it matters. (4 points)
What are the questions you’d like to answer? Why do you think its important to answer your question(s)? A practical benefit to someone or some group? (3 points)
Think of the kinds of data you are going to collect in order to answer your question(s) appropriately? What are some ways for you to collect that information? (2 points)
Analysis: you are expected to draw on one of the approaches (e.g., conversation analysis–line-by-line analysis, social languages, discourse, conversations, intertextuality, language use, multimodality, linguistic landscape, critical discourse analysis, etc.) studied in our class to analyze the data. (4 points)
Report your results and provide your conclusions. (4 points)
Grammar, style, punctuation, references, and formatting. (3 points)

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