Cold Stone Creamery has a mission to create the ultimate ice cream experience. Success at Cold Stone begins with the official goal of making people happy, and employees deliver bliss to customers in the form of delectable ice cream and toppings. But careful planning and goal setting are critical to achieving any corporate mission, and Cold Stones Pyramid of Success 2010 campaign communicated important messages that are memorable and comprehensible to workers and consumers alike.

Watch the video and answer the questions below. You may search for more photos, videos, news stories about Cold Stone Creamery if you have limited knowledge about this company at Cold Stone Creamery.

During ones experience at Cold Stone Creamery, what type of involvement is drawn upon?
What types of emotions do people experience when thinking of going to a place like Cold Stone Creamery?
How does social media help food and beverage companies retain loyal customers and reach new customers?

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