Congressional Committee

There are 20 standing committees in the House and another 16 in the Senate. Just about all the legislation that reaches a final floor vote in either house is a product of those committees and their numerous subcommittees. Prepare a brief profile of a standing committee of your choosing.

Using this website, please choose do the committee on Energy and Natural Resources
Your profile should describe the committee and its work. Here are some examples of things you might include: committee purpose, recent agenda, legislation that has passed and failed during the past or current Congress, and the responsibilities of some of its subcommittees.

There is no minimum or maximum length for the assignment, so long as you cover the information. Write enough to give me a sense that you are familiar with the committee and its work. I anticipate most submissions will be approximately two double- spaced pages. Use the formatting and citation guideline document on the course website.

You might find these websites helpful in your research:

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