Conflict Management Style

1A – Understanding Individual Conflict Management Styles [CMSs]
Assignment 1A – Individual:.
This is an INDIVIDUAL submission, which is the first piece of this composite assignment.
For this assignment you are to critically examine, assess, and understand:• The different [traditional] forms of Conflict Management [TK Model]• Your preferred through to least preferred ways of dealing with conflict -sometimes referred to, colloquially, as “conflict management styles” [CMSs].
This assessment is intended to go well beyond a colloquial, unsophisticated, non-academic review, so your reference material must enable this.
Each person, after completing at least 3 CMS questionnaires, will prepare a 3-4 page review of the results of these questionnaires, [you must reference at least 3 of the questionnaires], to include:- the results of each of the 3 questionnaires, separately;- an integrated review of the 3 combinedo in other words, considering the results of the 3 questionnaires, provide an overall conclusion.- include a short discussion about your preferred through to least preferred wayso a chart summarizing all questionnaires / scores is required;.
– don’t forget, you are assessing what you PREFER, NOT what situations may have required you to do, so please do not tell me anywhere in your assignment that situations change what you will do.

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