Find one research article in a sociology journal.  Examples of suitable journals include: American Sociological Review, Sociology of Education, Sociological Spectrum, Sex Roles, Sociological Inquiry, Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Sociology and Social Research, Social Forces, Social Problems, and Demography, among many others.  You may also select articles from certain interdisciplinary journals such as Adolescence, Social Science Quarterly, or Child Development.  Social psychology journals, such as Social Behavior and Personality, are not recommended.  Do not select articles from journals outside the social sciences, e.g. medicine and health or psychology.  The article you select must be a quantitative study; specifically, they must present research in which data were collected to test hypotheses.  Reports on survey data, rather than observation techniques and theoretical papers, are best suited to complete the assignment.

Complete the following questions for the article (follow the example below).

1. Give the articles complete bibliographic information.
2. What is the dependent variable?How is it measured?
3. What are the independent variables?How are they measured?
4. Identify the hypotheses.
5. What are the key findings?Are the relationships between the variables positive or negative?  Specify each. Only report the findings that center around the hypotheses.
6. What is the unit of analysis?
7. How is the study designed?Is it cross-sectional, longitudinal, or cohort?  Describe how you know that.  If longitudinal, how was social change accounted for and explained?

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