Concept Paper

This is the final Section of this paper. Attached is the concept paper template that needs to be completed. It already has the sections that you have completed so far, so only the sections that are highlighted in yellow need to be completed on this paper. Please keep the same formatting than the template has with the headings for each section, and any bullet point. Any additional references that you use for the paper, please add them at the end with the others. The paper is required to have at least 20 references in total (there are 15 so far).

Concept Paper Checklist:
-Concept Paper Template: Make sure you are using the template provided.
-Cover Page: Your cover page includes the title of your concept paper. It also includes your name (without title or degree) and it has not been modified in any way. Do not add or delete anything else.
-Literature Review: Make all necessary revisions to the literature review and insert it.
-Title: Restate the title of your concept paper. The title should be concise and should summarize the main idea of the paper. Follow APA 7th edition guidelines for crafting a title. Include the variables in the research and their relationship.
-Introduction: Provide an introduction to the concept paper in which you discuss the topic and address the significance of the study. The introduction does not need a heading. It should be one paragraph with 57 sentences that provides a road map of the primary sections of the concept paper.
-Background: Summarize the main points that highlight the gaps in the literature in three paragraphs of 57 sentences each.
-Research Problem: The research problem statement is an explicit statement that addresses the specific gap in the literature. This may be as long as necessary to capture the knowledge gap; however, it should not be shorter than 57 sentences.
-Research Question: State the research question as a question. Include the hypothesis, null hypothesis, and alternative hypothesis.
-Goals and Objectives: Describe a minimum of three goals of the study in future tense and address the significance of the topic or research study.
-Methodology and Procedures: Address the quantitative research methodology. Identify the design type and discuss the appropriateness of the design to the research question. Discuss the data collection procedures, instruments, and data analysis procedures that correspond to the research design.
-References: List all references used throughout the assessment. This includes the sources in the literature review. Follow current APA guidelines.

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