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This assignment is based on the reading in the electronic course pack (Harvard business publishing) – ” Radiohead: Music At Your Own Price” and “Driving Towards Disruption.”

Based on the articles in the electronic course pack, please submit a 1 1/2 analysis responding to the following questions:

1.Do you think Radiohead’s plan to allow fans to name their own price for the downloaded version of In Rainbows is a good idea? Why or why not? (1 point)
2.Can this pricing scheme work for other artists? What are implications for artists’ economic conditions? And how does it affect the relationship between artists and record labels? (1 point)
3.Do you think IT has disrupted the Music Industry? How? (2 points)
4.What are the prospects for education industry? How do you think MOOCs will disrupt the Universities? (2 points)

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