For this assignment, you are required to write a paper of 500 to 750 words (2 to 3 pages). This paper should discuss the office-based environment you are selecting for the current and upcoming course activities. Ensure you provide an overall thesis statement of why you selected this office-based environment, main points supporting your thesis statement, and references in support of your main points.

You are also required to provide five to seven screenshots of your installation steps (or getting access steps) for the office software you will be utilizing throughout the course. This can be Google G Suite, Apples iWork, LibreOffice, or Office 365. For the steps to include in your screenshots, you can utilize the following or similar actions:

Locate and download the appropriate .exe file.
Identify and double-click or open the .exe file.
Recognize and follow the steps highlighted in the dialog box.
Follow all steps to install the selected software.
To demonstrate your knowledge and skills of using a word processing application, you should format your paper using the following guidelines:

Your thesis statement is highlighted in yellow.
Headings are in bold.
At least one screenshot image is formatted with the wrap text feature.
Add your name in the footer of your document.
Ensure that you include at least two references using corresponding in-text citations in APA format

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