Competitive Advantage – Corporate Level

PAGE 1 – What strategies would you advise the pharmacy where you work, to pursue to increase its competitive advantage? Write a one or two page 8.5X11 short essay in response to the question.

PAGE 2- 3 As the owner of Boys and Girls Happiness, a child furniture manufacturing enterprise, seeking a loan from a bank to finance the construction and operation of three new store locations, you have been asked to provide the loan officer with a brief analysis of the competitive environment in child furniture. Draw a five-force diagram for the child furniture manufacturing, and briefly discuss the nature and strength of each of the five competitive forces in child furniture. Do whatever Internet research is required to expand your understanding of competition in the child furniture industry and do a competent five-forces analysis.
PAGE 4 – Go to Honda Motor Company Web site The site you find provides an overview of the companys key functional areas, including Research and Development (R&D), and production activities. Explore each of the R&D pages, (People, & Networks, Innovation & Technology, and Mobility and Traffic, Etc.) to better understand the companys approach. Also, review the statements under Production focusing on vehicle production and sustainable production. 1. How do these activities contribute to Honda Motor Company differentiation strategy and the unique position in the auto industry that Honda Motor Company has achieved?

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