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COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT OBJECTIVE: This assignment requires students to produce a Research Proposal (befitting the standard of a Master-level research as determined by the University) in relation to current research interests in the field of Compensation Management. This assignment seeks to train students to “learn how to learn” via research skills, with Compensation Management being the subject matter. INSTRUCTIONS:
1. Students are required to select any ONE of the following topics within Compensation Management of which his/her Research Proposal will be conducted:
a. Compensation strategy;
b. Internal alignment and pay structure;
c. External competitiveness and the determination of pay level and pay forms;
d. Pay-for-Performance;

e. Performance appraisal and reward system; OR,
f. Employee benefits.
2. Based on the selected topic, each student will conduct his/her own individual research and will report his/her research in the format of a Research Proposal. Doing so, students will be guided by the FOUR tasks as described herein below.
3. Students are required to submit the hard copy of their Final Research Proposal that contains the sub-topics related to Task 1, Task 2, and Task 3 (as described herein below), together with all references and appendixes (if any).
4. In order to ensure that students are on-track with the requirements of this assignment, students are required to submit each task (in soft copy) to the facilitator for his/her comments on or before the stipulated dates. Students shall take heed of such comments and to improve accordingly on a timely basis. For all communication purposes, students are advised to use the online forum provided via MyVLE.
QUESTIONS: Task 1: Each student is required to review at least TEN refereed journal articles (published from year 2011 onwards) with the objective of identifying the research problem, research question, and research objective in relation to the selected topic within Compensation Management. The proposed research title will follow suit. In presenting their reports, students are required to support their claims with appropriate references from the review articles (in APA format), as it is important for students to learn to avoid making any claims without being able to substantiate them with credible academic evidence or authority. [25 marks] Task 2: Students are required to review and report on literatures related to their selected research topic. Such literature review shall address issues which will eventually lead to the conceptualisation of a theoretical framework, of which hypotheses are based. [25 marks] Task 3 Students are required to present their research methodology, where issues of research design, sample, instruments, data collection and analysis procedures, will be clearly addressed and justified. [25 marks]

Task 4 Using appropriate visual aids (whiteboard, flipchart, PowerPoint, etc.), students are required to provide an oral presentation of their research proposal via a video recording, presenting the following points:
a. Proposed research topic (to reflect the true purpose of the intended research);
b. Relate problem statement to research question and research objective;
c. Conceptual framework and hypotheses; and,
d. Methodology.
The length of such video presentation shall not exceed 7 minutes. Where possible, students are encouraged to record/tape each other’s presentation, as such platform enables learning via sharing. (Important Note: Students are evaluated based on their presentation skills, usage of visual aids, organisation skills, conciseness of delivery, and effectiveness of their presentation to the virtual audience.) [25 marks] [TOTAL: 100 MARKS] Assignment Format:
a. Use double space and 12-point of Times New Roman font.
b. The assignment should contain about 3000 – 5000 words (15 – 20 pages)
c. Provide reference using the American Psychological Association (APA) format
d. References should be latest (year 2010 onwards)

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