Compare & contrast C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud’s World Views

I attached the full prompt for the whole final But I just need you to write ONLY NUMBER 1, please. I’m willing to pay for high-quality work, but the last time I used this service the essay that my writer wrote didn’t even answer the prompt and was a really poorly written essay.  This is for my final exam in Religion 301. It is an Essay format that must be at least 3 pages, double spaced, using Times New Roman Font. To answer these questions you have to do background research on what C.S. Lewis and Freud believed when it came to Christianity and how it relates to religion.
1. Compare and Contrast C.S. Lewis and Sigmund  Freuds Worldview
How would Freud and Lewis answer the following worldview questions?
a. Who is God?
b. Whats the problem with this world and whats the solution? ( an example problem with this world could be like too much social media influence on people.)
c. How do I make moral decisions? (what are your moral codes)
d. Where are we going?

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