Compare Australia

a contention for the essay . The country of my interest is Singapore.
You should be reading both the Australian Early Years Learning Framework and Singapore’s
documents IN DETAIL
This is the bit where you will take note of the similarities
and differences of the countries.
Whilst examining these similarities and differences you will
see one or a few things that interest you or stand out to you as superior or
not as good. These will be what you use to form your contention for your essay.
Your essay contention will focus on one aspect of the comparison; you will compare the part that interested you
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Develop a contention that is generally a sentence long that
explains what you are looking at for the essay, ex. ?The UK could learn a lot about child centred education from Australia?.
contentions are not questions. Your contention should include the two countries
your contention should be about a point/points that are in our EYLF
compared with the relevant document for Singapore. If you need to bring
in some of our other documents to support what you are saying about our EYLF
then you may do this.
For the Argument map,
Using either word or CMAP tools and use
Colours will help you organise your map. Give each box an appropriate label in capital letters: CONTENTION, REASON, OBJECTION, REBUTTAL, ASSUMPTION or EVIDENCE.
The contention should be general enough to summarise all lines of reasoning.
A reason, objection or rebuttal needs to be expressed as a claim, so write a full sentence in each box.
Each box should contain just one such proposition,
Boxes below should connect to the relevant boxes in the level above, e.g. an objection should be connected to the reason it objects to.
If you map assumptions (co-premises), these should sit next to the relevant premise reason (premise).
If your map is getting too wide or too long it suggests your reasons and objections are not well formed: think about how you can summarise more effectively to reduce the number of boxes.
To support the claims in the argument map, list the article, reference that you would be using for the essay, and not the exact quote from these documents.
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