Commentary 3

There are 2 parts of this assigment:

All the readings i will upload, all the videos I will post the link above

Part 1; With specific references to the material, ANSWER BOTH of the below questions. (2 pages)

1) What is Gerth’s argument in the video and/or his chapter AND what are the implications for our understanding of the climate crisis?

2) How does the Hero (the interview conducted by Sang Ye) prove or disprove the analysis of David Harvey? Again, you must make specific references to the assigned materials.

Part 2: Key words (find 3 Key words in the materials I upload and answer following question) (1page)

1) Why those three Keywords?

2) How do you define those terms?

3) How do they help us understand the topics and history covered that week and in the course to date?

Much like learning a new language, as your command of Keywords deepens and grows, so does your ability to address the BQs of this course. How do they help us understand the topics and history covered this week and, perhaps, relate to the rest of the course up until now?

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