Coming of Ages


This assignment is based upon the article The Social Determinants of Health: Coming of Age found in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 2.

Please respond to the following:
Summarize the articles major points. There are seven points to identify (some of them are identified in the Summary Points on page 392).
What is a social determinant of health?  Describe downstream social determinants and upstream social determinants.
Choose one of the pathways through which social factors shape health and discuss the health effects of that pathway or social factor(s).
Identify and summarize one priority for future research.
The assignment is to be written as a paper. One source should be given to support your response in addition to citing the assigned article, which is already embedded in the course. That second source cannot be your textbook. You should use APA format, 12 font, double space, and write between 450500 words maximum.

attached is the page from the textbook.

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