Collective Bargaining – Employee Safety

You will use the final agreement I will share to aid you in completing this weeks paper. For this paper, you will answer the below questions within the paper. 4-2 Final Project Milestone One: Short Paper: Collective BargainingEmployee Safety
Students should reflect on the Discussion Topic from Module Three and their experiences with the negotiating process. Include the following details in your response:
    A copy of the agreed-upon collective bargaining agreement section on employee safety (posted in the Discussion Topic)
    A one-page personal account of the negotiating process. This account needs to include:
o    A summary of the key challenges or points of friction.
o    An analysis of the strength of the other positions were their positions weak and not supported well, or just the opposite?
o    A short review of interest-based bargaining and distributive bargaining methods and a summary of which one works best in this situation.
o    Reflect on the role of the instructor as a mediator or arbitrator. Was it helpful to have someone in this role or did it create additional challenges?
o    A conclusion about the outcome did it favor one side or the other?

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